Wanna Know More About the World of Vintage Watches?


Over time we have assembled a growing library of articles that can fast-track your entry to the world of vintage watches. These "Guides" show you the historical evolution of watch design over the last 80 years and show you what to look out for in your first, second or tenth vintage watch purchase.

Our goal here is to educate everyone as best as possible. And that really means everyone; if you're just starting out or if you're writing about watches for decades already. We want to start a conversation about our passion of time. 


1) The Ultimate Watch Hand Guide - Part I (and Part II)

Find out how every epoch in watchmaking history (1940-2000) had its own (functional) hand-sets. What are the different options you can also see on modern pieces and when do these styles originate from? Read the full story here.


Historical Distribution of watch hands from 1940 to 2000


2) The Ultimate Watch Hour Marker Guide

The hour markers - the feature on every watch dial that actually give you a reference frame. A design element that in modern times is rarely altered but various shapes crowded the dials of 20th Century timepieces. Read the full story here.


Historical Distribution of watch hour markers 1940-2000


3) Watch Bezels - A Guide to Function and Design

Watch bezels are a quite peculiar characteristic on a watch as they can be highly functional and/or highly fashionable. There's more to them than simply aesthetics. Read the full story here.


Historical Distribution of watch bezels from 1940 to 2000


4) The Modern History of Watch Case Making

Did you know that there was a time when only about half of all watches were round? In that small window in the midst of the last Century watch manufacturers and case makers became very creative. Read the full story here.


Historical Distribution of watch case shapes from 1940 to 2000


5) When Did Watches Start to Get So Big?

Our piece in which we investigated the pop-cultural trend that watches seem to become bigger and bigger and when this all might have started. Is there even an overarching pattern emerging for case sizes? Read the full story here.


Historical Relative Distribution of watch sizes from 1940 to 2000


6) Vintage Watch Buying Guide

If you get the fascination vintage by now and consider actually buying your first piece this experience can be overwhelming. Thus, you can download our free Vintage Watch Buying Guide to help you along the way.

It includes all the essential information, offered in an accessible, easy-to-understand pdf including:

  1. Check the Seller
  2. 8 parts you should compare
  3. Service History
  4. Where to Buy
  5. Box and Papers
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