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The Ultimate Watch Hour Marker Guide

One often overlooked detail on every watch are the hour markers. When someones asked to name what type of hour marker their watch features most have to look down onto their timepiece to answer this...

The Modern History of Watch Case Making

Did you ever wonder who actually is the expert that knows how to best case a watch movement? The often overlooked virtue of the watch case maker. What sounds like a character from Lewis Carroll's "...

The Ultimate Watch Hand Guide - Part II

This is the second part of our guide on watch hands. Here, we focus on the design evolution of the late 20th century - the space age and industrial design era. Watch hands are an integral part of t...

The Ultimate Watch Hand Guide - Part I

What defines a watch hand as modern? Watch design is a fluid concept and every epoch defines its own style yet we can't invent countless new shapes. Consequently, the goal of this series is to defi...
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