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Watches of the 1950s - Hour Marker

This is IV. and last part of the series on the design and history of the transitional 1950s watch world. The last piece missing for a complete dial are the hour markers. The Fifties were a period s...

Watches of the 1950s - Hot Hands

This is III. part of the series about the unique design history of the 1950s watch world. The question we ask this time is whether there has been a defining set of hands, and if that is a feature t...

Watches of the 1950s - Dial Color

This is part II of the series and it is all about color. The 1950s were the time of dress watches, but that barely says it all. The dial is what speaks to you and the color sets the tone. Silver an...

Watches of the 1950s - A Matter of Style

Let’s talk about time. How did the watch world look like back in the post-war era of the Fifties? Is there a common design language that defines the time? In this series I will take a closer look h...
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