What little detail can change the overall vibe from dressy to sporty? Putting a center-second vs. a sub-second dial layout next to each other and you will immediately see how the appearance of otherwise identical timepieces will change. This is the topic of the third edition of my Patek Philippe Calatrava guide - a list that's meant to educate and get the community involved.

May 16, 2023

The Sporty Calatrava - Vintage Patek Philippe Center-Second Reference Guide


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Patek Philippe is mainly known fro its extremely elegant and timeless designs. But what little detail can change the overall vibe from dressy to sporty? Putting a center-second vs. a sub-second dial layout next to each other and you will immediately see how the appearance of otherwise identical timepieces will change.


Sister references 2532 & 2533 from Patek PhilippeSister references from Patek Philippe: The dressy 2532 (left) & the sportier 2533 (right). The same case-maker, proportions, and overall design yet one with sub- and the other with center-second... Photo Courtesy of Monaco Legend Group.


Here, I'll try to lay the foundation for a community driven database for the rare, the rarely seen and the rarely remembered timepieces that do not get the attention that other pieces might get. I'd be more than happy for everyone who sees him/herself fit to share and to add information about what we love - vintage watches. This is not an exhaustive list, yet(!) but I want it to become a central resource for everyone finding their way into vintage watches, from novice to expert.

This is the third edition for the Patek Philippe time-only (Calatrava in a loose definition) timepieces. So enjoy the eye candy and hopefully you can learn a thing or two about what makes these pieces so special, rare and sought after.


Center-Second Patek Philippe References


Ref. 1491

vintage Patek Philippe 1491

    Period: 1940-65
    Production: 400
    Movement: Manual (cal. 12 SC)
    Specifics: Lyre Lugs, 1 prototype Chronograph
    Source: Chr Dubai Mar. 2019


Ref. 1527 - 2nd series

vintage 2nd series Patek Philippe 1527

    Period: 1942-50
    Production: 12* steel
    Movement: Manual (cal. 12 SC)
    Specifics: Crown-guard, 1st series with sub-second
    Source: Chr Geneva Nov. 2018


Ref. 2457

extremely scarce Patek Philippe ref. 2457

    Period: 1949-58
    Production: 6* steel
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: hinged lugs (32mm)
    Source: Chr HK May 2023


Ref. 2460

elusive Patek Philippe ref. 2460 with patina

    Period: 1950-55
    Production: 9* (8* YG, 1* RG)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: edgy hinged lugs, sister 2457 (32mm)
    Source: Collector Square


Ref. 2466

extremely scarce Patek Philippe ref. 2466

    Period: 1950-55
    Production: 9* (8* YG, 1* RG)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: larger 2457 & 2460 (33mm)
    Source: Collector Square


Ref. 2481 - King Size

King Size Patek Philippe reference 2481

    Period: 1950-60
    Production: 1001 (650 YG, 350 RG, 1* PT)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: Largest PP (37mm)
    Source: Chr HK May 2021


Ref. 2482

rare and unusual Patek Philippe ref. 2482 with spider lugs

    Period: 1950-60
    Production: 28* (27* YG, 1*RG)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: Spider Lugs, Large (36mm)
    Source: Collector Square


Ref. 2508

beautiful Artdeco style Patek Philippe ref. 2508 Calatrava

    Period: 1951-60
    Production: ~1000, 27* RG (rarest metal), 100 steel (~10% steel)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: playful marker, Taubert case (34.5mm)
    Source: Phi Geneva May 2023, Chr Geneva Nov. 2015, Chr Geneva Nov. 2016, Hairspring Watches


Ref. 2533

Reference 2533 Patek Philippe with Breguet Numerals

    Period: 1952-56
    Production: 400 (300 YG, 100 RG)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: sister 2532, successor to ref. 565
    Source: Chr HK Nov. 2020


Ref. 2555

rare Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 2555

    Period: 1954-56
    Production: 39
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: classic ref. 96 proportions
    Source: Phi HK June 2021


Ref. 3483

Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 3483 in steel

    Period: 1963-65
    Production: 19* (only steel)
    Movement: Manual (cal. 27 SC)
    Specifics: only produced in steel
    Source: Phi Geneva Nov. 2016




* The asterisk indicates a lower bound for production numbers. It indicates known examples - thus more pieces or pieces in other materials may (likely) exist.


Patek Philippe Movements - Manually Wound Center-Second

You can find all this information on Uhren-Wiki

12 ligne (22.5mm):

Cal. 27 SC - 12,879 pieces (1946-70) - in ref. 2457, 2460, 2466, 2467, 2481, 2482, 2508, 2514, 2555, 3483


All Rights on the text and graphics reserved to the Author. 

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  • Hey Hazem, well spotted. The ref. 570 shouldn’t be missed on any list (either Sub- or Center-Second). However, this is the attempt to catalogue rare references with known or estimated production volume. It’s unfortunately close to impossible to get such an estimate on the ref. 570.

    Cheers, Marcus

    Marcus on

  • What about the ref. 570?? :)

    Hazem on

  • Hey Paul, thanks for your input. The 3444 is indeed an extremely cool example but this list (and the ones before) were meant to cover the manually wound pieces first.
    I’ll actually drop another article particularly about cal. 12-600 watches soon. Until then: we’re looking at about 200 ref. 3444 produced ;)

    Cheers, Marcus

    Marcus on

  • Hi Marcus,
    how about the Ref. 3444? In my eyes a lovely self winding Calatrava.
    Sincerly Paul

    Paul on

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