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The Deceptive Oyster - Meet The Rolex "Empire"

Let's recap the last time I felt like a naive idiot with a laptop rather than a watch "expert". It's been auction season in Geneva these last couple of days and it's normal that some of the results...

Rare Patek Philippe Watches - The "Turtle" Collection

Let me introduce you to your next collection centerpiece - The Patek Philippe "Turtle" set. A collection of seven different types of outgoing mid-Century pieces of lug and case art. The museum wort...

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Watchmaker of Vacheron Constantin

What defines a 1970s dress watch? Is it about lavish materials, impeccable textures or delicate finishing? It appears that during that era the time-telling function of the (dress) watch is only a s...

A Beginner's Guide to Vintage Watch Brands

Does a brand's tradition, their portfolio and their patented innovations align with the general taste? This week we'll take easy and just have a look at the popularity of different watch brands thr...
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