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Jaeger-LeCoultre - Watchmaker of Vacheron Constantin

What defines a 1970s dress watch? Is it about lavish materials, impeccable textures or delicate finishing? It appears that during that era the time-telling function of the (dress) watch is only a s...

A Beginner's Guide to Vintage Watch Brands

Does a brand's tradition, their portfolio and their patented innovations align with the general taste? This week we'll take easy and just have a look at the popularity of different watch brands thr...

Vintage Patek Philippe Guide: Shaped Watches

This is already the second part of this Patek Philippe part of my database. And this one is pretty special for me too as it covers an area of watch design that has always been fascinating me - shap...

Rare Patek Philippe Watches - The "Comet" Collection

The world of vintage watches is full of wonders. In 1942, when the entire world was at war, Patek Philippe released a set of watches that couldn't be farther away from the military pieces of the ti...
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